I need personal assistance, who do I contact?

Please contact our Customer Service Representatives in one of the following ways:

Individual Retirement and Investment Services

Client Service Centre

  • Business hours: 7 AM to 8 PM (EST)
  • Long distance: 1-888-252-1847
  • Fax (London): 519-435-6331
  • Fax (long distance): 1-866-275-8080
  • E-Mail:


Central and Western Canada
Canada Life
255 Dufferin Ave., T.424
London ON  N6A 4K1
Quebec and Eastern Canada
Canada Life
2001 University Ave., #540
Montreal PQ  H3A 1T9

Group Retirement Services

Retirement Information Line

  • Business hours: 8 AM to 5 PM (EST) on weekdays
  • Phone toll-free: 1-800-305-1444
  • Fax toll-free: 1-888-505-5172
  • E-Mail:


Canada Life Member Services
P.O. Box 4497, Stn. A
Toronto ON  M5W 4J2

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I can't remember my PIN number.

It is possible to issue you a new PIN number. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.

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I have questions about the information VIPNet shows me.

What is available through the Personal Account Information?.

The Personal Account Information service has been created to provide you immediate access to your retirement savings plan information. You will find a selection of items, such as the following, that will provide you with up-to-date information.

  • Account Balance : Provides a balance of your assets plus an investment summary of your assets.
  • Activity Detail : Provides details of the transactions in your account.
  • Unit Value Summary :  Provides the latest unit values for segregated funds.
  • Investment Returns :  Provides the latest investment returns for segregated funds.
  • Interest Rate Summary : Provides the latest interest rates available for guaranteed term deposits.
  • Address Details : Provides your address on record, as well as an opportunity to perform updates.
  • Investment Elections : Provides your current elections and allows you to make changes to your existing elections for future contributions at any time.
  • Transfer Investments : Allows you to make changes to your current assets. All or a portion of your investment assets may be transferred to another investment option at any time.

Why can't I see my Personal Rate of Return?

f your account has not been on VIPNet for 12 months, we do not have any 12 month rate of return to show you. If your account has existed through VIPNet for 12 months or more, you will not see the rate of return if it is zero on the day you look at your account balance. Alternatively, if you have selected summary information, a rate of return will not be calculated or shown if the dates are less than three months apart, or if your account has been on VIPNet for less than 6 months.

How far back can I select a summary for my account?

You can select summary information on your account from January 1st of the previous year.

Why, when I requested summary information, my 'Total Contributions' do not equal the total of my deposits?

Your deposit amounts per fund include amounts transferred into this fund from other funds. The 'Total Contributions' do include these transfer values.

Why would my opening balance, plus my listed Deposits, plus the Change in Value, not equal the closing balance in my funds?

One element which has not been included in the Account Balance option is Withdrawals or Claims. If you encounter the above scenario, it is likely because there have been withdrawals or 'transfers out' of that particular fund.

I used to see the contribution total for this account, and now I don't. Why?

Many of our Individual Investment customers told us that the Contribution Total line did not provide valuable information. Therefore we are working to implement the suggestions for improvement that we've received, and hope to have more valuable information to display in the near future. In the meantime, we removed the Contribution Total line for Individual Investment Clients only.

If you require more information on an account, please contact our Customer Care Centre at or by phone at 1-888-252-1847

Why can I only see 15 funds per transaction in Activity Detail?

We are able to display a maximum of 15 funds because of space limitations. To see details on all the funds for the transaction, you can check your statement or call our client support desk.

What is my Certificate Number or Personal Identification Number?

Clients are required to enter their Certificate Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the Account Information sign on screen. The PIN is the same one used for the VIP Line (Canada Life's interactive telephone service).

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I got an error message, what does it mean?

I can't seem to get access. I get the message "Access to the Personal Account Information service is not available. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for assistance."

In this case, you are not permitted access to the Personal Account Information service. Your policyholder has either decided not to offer the service to plan members, or has not yet informed us that they would like access to the service. You should speak with your employer who in turn can contact Canada Life to request access to the internet services.

I believe I may have suspended my PIN, I got the message "You have exceeded the maximum allowable sign on attempts. For assistance please call our Customer Service Representatives. You can find our support number under the help option."

It may be that you had forgotten your PIN, and in an attempt to sign on you may have suspended your Certificate Number. If you contact our Customer Service Representatives, we can reset your Certificate Number and assign you a new PIN.

The list of policies I had to select from was incorrect.

Before any information can be provided, you must first select a policy from the Policy List. The Policy List is a list of accounts that you belong to. If the list of policies is incorrect, the situation can be remedied by contacting our Customer Service Representative.

I can't seem to locate the secure server. I get the message "Unable to resolve", or "cannot connect to".

Receiving either of these messages will usually mean one of two things depending on how you are accessing the Internet.

Home Users

If you are attempting to access our site from home, you are going through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is possible that your ISP is not configured properly to access secure servers. Contact your ISP and tell them that you are having problems contacting a secure server using SSL technology.

Corporate Users

If you are attempting to access our site from a corporate site, you are likely travelling through both a Firewall and Proxy Server. Either of these two devices could cause the errors above if not configured properly for communicating with secure servers. Contact your technical support staff to discuss why you cannot access a secure server using SSL technology.

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I have questions about browser encryption and internet security.

How does encryption help protect my personal information?

Security on the internet is a concern as personal data travels on public access lines. Canada Life is enforcing the use of 128-bit encryption in your browser because it helps ensure that your personal information is encrypted or scrambled before it leaves your computer to travel over the internet. Encryption alters your data into a format that cannot be read until it reaches its destination and is decrypted, using an encryption key.

What protection does the 'Logout' button provide?

Once you click on the 'Logout' button, the 'Back' button will not return to your 'Personal Account Information'. This ensures that your VIPNet session ends and that no further transactions can be processed. If you wish to access VIPNet again, you must login again.

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